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About Us/FAQs

Full Service Junk Removal
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to move the junk?

A: No! We are a full service company, all you have to do is point and the item will be removed!

Q: Who and what is CT Junk Removal?

A: CT Junk Removal is a creation of Timothy Walsh (local Manchester Community College student) with a passion for serving the community and a strong interest in entrepreneurship.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes! We maintain our licensing and permits, along with proper insurances.

Q: What is considered a hazardous material?

A: Oil, antifreeze and oil-based paints.

Q: Why can’t CT Junk Removal dispose of hazardous waste or chemicals?

A: Legally we are not authorized to transport hazardous materials, however most towns offer annual dates to dispose of these items.

Q: Where does the junk go?

A: We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to keep your junk out of landfills! We have developed close business and personal relationships with partners across the state who re-purpose, reuse, or recycle up to 100% of your items.

Q: Will you pick up just one item?

A: Absolutely! One item or 100 we have what it takes to get the job done.

Q: We have a whole building to clean out, can you help us with that?

A: Yes, we have done many clean outs of 20,000+sqft.